Track Your Email
See who opened your emails, when and where in the world, and for how long they read it.
  • Track all email opens and reads as well as forwarding events
  • Know exactly who opened the email even when sending email to multiple recipients
  • Advanced Tracking mode guarantees that you will be notified when your email content gets read
  • View if recipients are opening email on their computer or mobile device
  • Drastically improve your timing and context when cold calling your prospect
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Control Sent Email
Modify sent email after it was sent and even read.
  • Recall sent email
  • Send Self-destructing emails based on your conditions
  • Real-Time self-destructing - email is being disappeared while recipient read it
  • Disable email forwarding, copying or printing
  • Update content of sent email, and add or remove links and attachments to sent email
Link and Attachment Tracking
Be Notified When Links or Attachments were opened
  • Full Tracking Details also for link clicking. Know where they was clicked and forwarded
  • Know which links at your email work best
  • Know if link was clicked on desktop or mobile PC
  • Monitor how fast links being clicked after opening email
  • Get notification each time link clicked or attachment opened
Instant Notification on Every Platform
Web, Email, Mobile and API Notifications
  • Send, Read, Click and Attachment Open notifications
  • Get notifications on mobile, not only Desktop PC
  • Real-Time Web Notifications in Outbox containing all tracking information, clearly presented with search, sorting and group options
  • Seamlessly integrate Pointofmail.com Tracking Events to you application with HTTP API
  • Instant notification can help you to reach our potential customer just in time to close the deal
Works From Everywhere
Send Email from Your Favorite Email Service or Client
  • Chrome Extension + Gmail Integration
  • Firefox Add-on + Gmail Integration
  • Add-In for Microsoft OutlookTM
  • Pointofmail.com already works with all popular email packages including all web-based services such Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL and Hotmail; on PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices
  • No downloads or plug-ins are necessary
  • Convenient Send page within your account
  • Send tracked email from your favorite smartphone when you on the road
Dynamic Parameters Substitution
Send Personalized Email when You Send Email to Multiple Recipients.
  • Insert dynamic parameter such {recipient_name} to email text and/or subject to be replaced with real value from email meta data
  • Works from any email client and from Pointofmail.com Send page
  • Recipient receives email where only their email address appear at "TO" field, without CC and BCC addresses, with personal greeting
  • Send proposal to multiple recipients at one email
Email Groups
Easily send personalized emails to group of recipient by one email
  • Sending email to group is easy as sending email to group-name@groups.pointofmail.com email address
  • Send email to group of recipient us usual email from any of your email addresses or Pointofmail.com Send page
  • Supports Personal Delivery, Dynamic Parameters, Unsubscribe Footer, Resend to Unread and more
  • Stop sending impersonal BCC emails
  • Create hierarchy of groups by inserting one group to another, for easy list management
Real-Time Analytic and Reporting
Analyze Your Tracking Data
  • Detailed Graphs for most important KPIs
  • Export data to CSV file for further analysis at MS Excel or other application
  • Select any period time to drill in
Team Management
Create Separate Sub-User for Each Member of Your Team
  • Move your whole sales team to Pointofmail.com.
  • Share Data Between Users
  • Easy and Simple user management