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What is pointofmail.com?
Pointofmail.com is the most powerful, useful and reliable email tracking service that exists on the Web today.
Pointofmail.com lets you track and control emails you've sent and tells you when emails, links and attachments you've sent get read, where and for how long.
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Are downloads or plug-ins required?
No. You can use send tracked email from any of your existing email accounts - Simply add ".pointofmail.com" at the end of the email address. Or you can send email directly from your account at pointofmail.com.
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Will my recipients know that I am tracking my email? Will they see .pointofmail.com at the end of their email addresses?
No, unless you decide otherwise. In any case, the recipient will not see .pointofmail.com at the email address in his inbox, but his regular email address instead.
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What are other Pointofmail.com features?
See Full List.
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How does it work?
First you send your email using Pointofmail.com service - with add-in, extension, send page or by adding .pointofmail.com to the end of recipient's email address. Now when email is read or an attachment is opened, you will start to receive notifications to your email address, or you can use "Outbox" to review full report about your emails and attachments — if they were read, when, and by whom.
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What is the difference between Pointofmail.com and other similar services available on the web?
Unlike other email services, with Pointofmail.com there is almost no possibility that the recipient opens an email and you do not get a confirmation that the email was read. Besides, Pointofmail.com offers you a wide range of powerful features not available anywhere except at Pointofmail.com - including exclusive Advanced tracking mode; changing email content and its attachments after an email is sent and more.
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How will you inform me when my email gets read?
1. An email notification will be sent to the email address you define immediately when email is read or attachments are open, by each recipient.
2. SMS Text confirmations to your mobile phone.
3. You can log on to your account anytime and use Outbox feature where you get a full report about your emails and attachments: if they were read, when and by whom.
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Is it a must for a recipient to confirm the receipt of an email?

No, unless you define otherwise.
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How can I be sure Pointofmail.com will work with my email service?
Pointofmail.com works with all popular email and webmail services and does not require any downloads or plug-ins to operate properly for both the sender and recipient.
Pointofmail.com works with Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo! Mail, and all web email sites, as well as Microsoft Outlook, Pegasus, Netscape Mail, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes and all other email clients.
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My email software already has a feature called "Return Receipts." Why do I need pointofmail.com?
The truth is, "Return Receipts" almost never works. The vast majority of all email software and users in the world do not support Return Receipts, and the few that do support usually disable it by default. In the rare case that you send mail to someone who supports Return Receipts, the recipient is prompted with a rude and intrusive confirmation message, by default, suggesting to cancel the notification.
With pointofmail.com, you choose how or if your recipient gets prompted. The default is always to send email confirmation when the recipient reads an email.
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What is the difference between Basic vs. Advanced Email Tracking Mode?
The main difference is that at Advanced mode you will be able to change email content after it has been sent, recall it or make it self-destructing. Advanced mode also stands for Guaranteed Read confirmation which guarantees that you will always get a notification if your email gets read.
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What is Self-Destructing Email?
These emails cannot be retained by your recipient. You have various ways to control the length of time a recipient is able to read an email and if he can forward or save it. At a time predetermined by you, email sent through Pointofmail.com automatically erases itself - permanently.
You can also manually recall email at any time using the "Outbox" page.
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What is Outbox page?
Using Pointofmail.com Outbox you can:
1. Track all of your sent emails and attachments: when, where, and by whom they were read.
2. View all sent tracked emails.
3. Update, edit, delete or recall your emails.
4. Add or delete attachments from sent emails.
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Can I send Multiple Recipient email?
Yes. You can Multiple "To" recipients, "CC" (Carbon Copy) and "BCC" (Blind Carbon Copy) emails.
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Can I get back/recall an email after I have sent it?
Yes, you can recall an email before or even after it has been delivered and read. Note that unlike other email services, Pointofmail.com lets you delete the body of your email, attachments, email addresses, and subject lines.
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Can I change email content after I have sent it?
Yes. Using the "Outbox" feature you can update and edit sent email content before and even after the email has been read. This option is exclusive for pointofmail.
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Can I add or delete attachments to an email I have sent?
Yes. Using the "Outbox" feature you can add or delete attachments to emails, before and even after the email has been read. This option is exclusive for pointofmail.
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Do you read my email?
Never. For more information, please view our privacy statement.
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Is my email address safe with you? Will I get spammed?
Your email is completely safe. We never send, allow, or support spam of any kind, and we never give out our email lists for any reason. See our privacy statement and our privacy policy for full reassurance.
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How do I sign up?
Just go to the registration page, fill in your details and sign up.
You can get a with free trial for one week (30 emails), or become a premium member starting from $19.99 and enjoy all features without limitation.
FREE, No-Obligation, No Credit Card Required Trial