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Track Your Email Now
Know when email you've sent gets read, where it was opened, and for how long it was viewed!
  • Detailed Information About Recipient
  • Trace Email Reading Chain - Full History of Email Reads and Forwards
  • Links and Attachments Tracking
  • Email, Web and SMS Text Notifications
  • Totally Invisible To Recipient, Unless You Decide Otherwise
Full Control On Your Outgoing Email
With Advanced Tracking you control the content of email AFTER it was SENT and even READ.
  • Change Email's Content
  • Add or Remove Attachments
  • Add or Remove Links
  • Recall or Erase Sent Email
Protect Your Digital Assets
Send controlled email and make sure your data is not copied, forwarded or printed without your permission.
  • Real-Time Self-Destructing Email
  • Self-Destructing Email on Predefined Period
  • Disallow Email Forwarding
  • Disable Print or Save of Your Email
Awesome UI, Feature-Packed, Trusted By Thousands
Your search is over. is the best solution for your email tracking, controlling and analytics needs.
  • Award-Wining, Simple, User-Friendly Interface
  • Tons of Features
  • More Than 10000 Customers
  • Flexible Plans and Affordable Prices
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  • 500+ satisfied companies
  • 10,000+ happy customers
  • 1,000,000 emails tracked and counting
  • Trusted for 10 Years
  • FREE Trial - No Risk, No Obligation


  • Works with Any Email Address
  • Supports Any Email Client or Webmail
  • No Downloads Required
  • Optional Add-ins for Major Email Clients and Browsers
  • Just add to recipient's email address


  • Oct 3 - Released: Tracking Events API
  • Aug 6 - Released: Multiple Users and Team Management
  • May 14 - Released: in Russian
  • Feb 20 - Released: Email Groups
  • Jan 1 - Released: Pointofmail Android App" is a very comprehensive proof of receipt and reading service for email. Though easy to use, pointofmail can ensure read receipts, tracks attachments and lets you modify or delete sent messages." 
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